Neutral Grounding Resistor 18A

Neutral Grounding Resistor 18A

Features of Neutral Grounding Resistor:

1. This series is made of stainless steel alloy imported from abroad, the temperature rise coefficient is low, the resistance change rate is small; 

2. Double insulation, high stability; 

3. Bolt connection, easy to disassemble, reliable connection; 

4. Can add intelligent monitoring device which effectively monitor the ground fault current, voltage, and provide switching and alarm contacts.

Product application of Neutral Grounding Resistor:

It is mainly used for power transmission and distribution systems less than 110KV , mainly composed of cable lines, single-phase ground fault capacitor current, and power plant system with small capacitance current but preventing resonance overvoltage. The former is mostly low-resistance grounding and the latter is mostly grounded for high resistance. At present, neutral grounding resistance is widely used in urban distribution networks, large industrial parks, power plants, offshore platform distribution systems, and large chemical plants.

Dimensions of Neutral Grounding Resistor:

Customized according to customer

Specifications of Neutral Grounding Resistor:

Faulty current: 1-5000A

System voltage: 0.38KV-100KV (3, 6, 10, 35)

Heating time: 5S, 10S, 30S, 60S, lasting

Resistance (20 ° C): 0.01-1500 Ω

Temperature rise: short-term temperature rise (10-60S) maximum does not exceed 760 °C, Continuous temperature rise up to 385 ° C

Maintenance free, quick and easy to replace

Compact structure and easy installation

Enclosure protection rating: IP20-IP56

Optional isolation switch, auxiliary switch, heater, CT, monitor and other accessories

Application Conditions of Neutral Grounding Resistor:

FNGR neutral point grounding resistor application environment according to DL/T593-2006 3.1

Indoors: Ambient air temperature: +40°C- -25°C Altitude: ≤3000m Minimum nominal creepage ratio: porcelain is not less than 18mm/Kv, organic material is not less than 20mm/Kv

Outdoor: ambient air temperature: +40 ° C - -35 ° C; altitude ≤ 3000 m Minimum nominal creepage ratio: Class III, Class III 25mm/Kv, IV 32 mm/KV

Note: When exceed normal use conditions, the user should discuss with the manufacturer.

Characteristics of Neutral Grounding Resistor:

Unique steel grid structure for easy cooling

Large heat capacity of the resistor, and the power rating of the single resistor sheet can reach 1200 watts through a unique processing technology;

Small resistance deviation, and the manufacturing tolerance of the resistor sheet can be less than ±5%

The resistance of the resistor can be adjusted in a wide range, and the single resistor range is 0.005-11.7Ω.

The resistor sheet has strong insulation, and the dielectric strength of the resistance BANK and the supporting components can reach 8.3Kv;

In the hot state, the resistance change rate is small, the resistance sheet adopts imported stainless steel material, the temperature coefficient is low, and the thermal resistance resistance change rate can be no more than 20%;

Strong shock resistance, the resistor sheet is made of high temperature alloy material with strong corrosion resistance;

Cost-effective, compact structure, adjustable number of resistors, cost-effective.

Power Frequency Voltage Withstand 32KV 1min
Rated current 18A
Rated heating time 10S
Rated voltage 6.6KV

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